We are not wealthy!
We are not politically connected!
We are not celebrity!

We are parents, medical professionals, and affected adults who are joining voices as loudly as possible to help children with one simple message:

Is your child growing normally? Find out! Because a child’s growth pattern is a major sign of his or her health!

Children’s Growth Awareness Day is Sept. 20th. Help us please! Share the above message about one of the most important markers of children’s health and development….their growth pattern!

FACT #1: Children’s growth is not “cosmetic”!  It is medical.
FACT #2: Children’s growth patterns can be early indicators of something serious developing in his or her body.

Give doctors a fighting chance for early intervention if needed. Prioritize annual physicals for your child!

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There are hundreds of organizations throughout the world, and thousands of families all poised to help children with these rare conditions. If you can, point international families to ICOSEP for patient organizations in many countries. Or they can click to find physicians who specialize in growth.