Children’s Growth Awareness Educational Campaign

September 20th, families around the world post to all social media, send emails and make website posts to share one message: Is your child growing normally? Find out! Because a child’s growth pattern is a major sign of his or her overall health. 

Due to complicated issues, this worldwide educational effort is called Children’s Growth Awareness “Day” (September 20th) throughout Europe and Asia. It is coordinated up by ICOSEP- the International Coalition of Organizations Supporting Endocrine Patients.

In North America, the campaign is Children’s Growth Awareness “Week” (the 3rd week of September) and is coordinated by The MAGIC Foundation, with member organizations such as the Turner Syndrome Society and Turner Research Society in full active support.
Parent groups and supporters throughout the world coordinate online efforts each September 20th.

Last year, this simple message reached families in more than 145 countries. Why does it go so far? Because parents who hear this message are surprised! They want to know more details and wonder why no one has ever told them about this simple and potentially life saving information!

Please join this effort! Help us share this important message each year on September 20th. Our goal is to reach/teach parents while there is time to help their children!

Take 1 minute of your day and share this message on September 20th (only on that date please). It can help change the life of a child.

Parents who complain that their child is too small, or developing too early are simply trying to make “designer” kids. FALSE.
Parents whose children face real medical problems which affect their health and growth want their children to be healthy.  Tracking growth is not about height, it is about health.

For example, if a child has a dark spot on his/her skin which grows-that spot is a visual sign that something can be seriously wrong and parents are alerted to take their child to a doctor.
A child’s growth pattern is also an important visual marker. It is NOT cosmetic!
Good Growth=Good Health. Find out before permanent problems occur!

The International Coalition of Organizations Supporting Endocrine Patients (ICOSEP) has artwork or Growth Awareness Day (posters, flyers etc. which you can cut and paste specifically (and only) for this social media “event”. Or if you are from North America, visit The MAGIC Foundation for Growth Awareness Week artwork which you can capture and use to share this message!

Ordinary people, uniting together can make a difference! We are proving it!
Thank you!