Measuring Your Child

Tracking physical growth is a crucial step toward monitoring your child’s health. Growth delay, or too much/fast growth, can be an early sign of an underlying medical disorder. As parents, you need to know as early as possible if something serious is developing in your child’s body.


So let’s get started…Click and print the growth chart (below) which fits your child and then follow the information below.

Boy’s Age 2-20 Growth Chart

Print this chart to track your boy’s growth after the age of two years old.

Girl’s Age 2-20 Growth Chart

Print this chart to track your girls’s growth after the age of two years old.

To measure your child at home:

It is VERY important to measure accurately! A slight error could make a big difference on the growth chart.


  1. Get a hard book and a pencil
  2. Measure your child in a room with a hard floor (no carpet) and a flat wall.
  3. His/her arms should be by their side.
    1. Make sure they are facing straight ahead. Do not tilt the head up nor down.
    2. His/her heels (back of the feet) must be touching the wall and flat to the floor. Do not let them stand on their toes…flat feet against the wall.   Measuring_sophia (meausre home-mary)
  4. Place the book on his/her head
    1. Make sure that the side of the book touching the wall is completely flat against the wall-not tilted at all.
  5. Check one more time-feet flat on the floor?
  6. Mark the wall where your child’s head meets the book.
  7. Ask your child to step away from the wall and repeat this entire process to make sure you get an accurate measurement. Write down that number EXACTLY.


You need to “plot” (mark) that number on a growth chart.

If you are not familiar with charts, we have included a basic guide to help you.